Discovery Day Photo Gallery

View From Etna Pass of Klamath National Forest
Wooden Access Bridge Over Knownothing Creek
Discovery Day Gold Property Claims Map
Schematic of Known Vein Locations & Young's Peak Pluton
High Grade Gold Vein in Discovery Day Mine
Mineralized Zone for Hansen Mine on Property
Mineralized Mud Seam Vein Structure in Hansen Mine
High Grade Core From Underground Drilling at Discovery Day Mine
CFO Patrick Fagen at Discovery Day Mine Portal
Newly Timbered Drift in Discovery Day Mine
Miners' Dry and Mine Office at Discovery Day Portal Area
Compressor and Generator Building at Discovery Day Site
Discovery Day Camp Offices, Lounge and Kitchen Facility Building
Discovery Day Camp Housing and Restroom/ Shower Trailers
Discovery Day Camp Workshop Building
Discovery Day Camp Woodmizer Sawmill
The Discovery Day Gold Property 100 TPD Mill Building
The Discovery Day Gold Property 250 TPD Crushing Circuit
Ore Being Fed Into Grizzly at Mill
Ore Being Crushed for Milling
Crushed Ore Traveling on Conveyor Belt
Mill Water Storage Pond With Newly Installed Liner
Number 1 Mill Tailings Pond Being Excavated
Geologist Checking Gold From Deister Triple Deck Concentrating Tables
Gold and Gold Concentrates Coming Off Finishing Table

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